Omicron Development LLC

Omicron builds sophisticated solutions utilizing the OSIsoft PI System, custom .NET programs, SharePoint and complementary packages. 50+ PI System engagements in the last 5 years.

Partner Overview:

Omicron Development is a leading IT integrator excelling at connecting OSIsoft PI Systems® with existing infrastructure. Founded in 1987, Omicron’s team has been helping clients maximize the value of their PI System investment for over 25 years by bringing process industry, technical and project management skills to every engagement. Our engineers are trained to optimize PI’s open infrastructure – we are uniquely skilled in leveraging PI System architecture to ensure the system is properly interfacing with other enterprise software, which enables adaptability, scalability and ease in future implementations. Our technical expertise includes coding to access PI AF and PI EF through OSIsoft Development Technologies within .NET applications. We are also expert in extending PI System® data into Microsoft SharePoint and advanced analytic environments to support management decision-making and compliance reporting. Many of our assignments are to fill crucial functionality gaps between the out-of-the-box solution and real business information. Standard integrators often crudely force-fit third-party products together to close functionality gaps, resulting in system inefficiencies plus an overly complicated and costly support environment that is difficult to upgrade. At Omicron, our proven Gapware™ approach is designed to bridge the gaps while remaining true to the architecture of the PI System and other third party products. Using our decades of experience with OSIsoft PI Systems® , we tailor this proven methodology to meet client-specific application needs, enabling PI System installations to fully realize the potential benefits of their system. Omicron is committed to optimizing PI System® efficiency and providing continuous ROI. Our detailed project scoping is designed to provide the most accurate and comprehensive assessment possible. By building demo/test environments with the PI Suite to prove out OSIsoft PI’s latest capabilities before proposal submission, we can provide cost “not-to-exceed” proposals that insure we deliver within budget on your project – guaranteed.



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