Stop Guessing. Start Tracking.

Track downtime and slowdowns using RtDUET’s operator-friendly event dashboard.

From automated downtime tracking to calculating the efficiency of your equipment, we provide you with crucial metrics that allow you to make informed decisions. We help you eliminate bottlenecks, identify areas requiring improvement, and report on various KPIs, including availability, reliability, OEE, MTBF, asset utilization, and that’s just a few of the metrics and features RtDUET has to offer.

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Downtime Tracking

Track downtime and slowdowns using RtDUET’s operator-friendly event dashboard. After an event is captured – classify, split, or have a supervisor verify. Concerned about certain type or length of downtime? Set an automatic alert.

Asset management

Equipment Monitoring

Reduce the time required for your operators to record downtime events, and increase data accuracy with automatic fault codes and standardized classification of your downtime. With RtDUET, proactively improve your operator’s productivity and operate more efficiently with more accurate data, faster, to determine the best course of action.

Delay Accounting

RtDUET for Delay Accounting analyzes data in mining, mineral and metal processing industries in real-time, with root cause analysis and Pareto visualizations to inform decisions that maximize asset availability when it counts.

Industrial software mining manufacturing

Asset Management & OEE

React with the right corrective actions like planning production to group products with less set-up time or eliminating poor quality material causing misfeeds. 
Automated analytics with a calculation engine that generates KPIs puts valuable information in your hands to maximize asset utilization.

Case Studies

Why Choose Us?

Never miss a fault

Track slowdowns and stoppages to the second and uncover hidden opportunities for process improvement.

Multiple Integrations

Integrates seamlessly with commonly used analytics and reporting applications.

Dedicated Support

Stable and feature rich solution with industry relevant use cases.

Compliments your
PI System

Maximizes your investment in AVEVA PI with no prior AF configuration or experience required.

Client Testimonials

“In a large-scale distributed processing plant, a centralized tool for capturing and reporting on operational delays is essential.”
Paul Yaroshak, P. ENG
Senior Processing Engineer
Pueblo Viejo Mine, Barrick Gold
“We have ensured data precision in terms of asset performance and can now chase improvements because we know they are real.”
David Bartolo
Head of Operational Systems and technology
AGL Energy
“RtTech stood out because they had good experience in industrial environments, (the solution) worked off the OSIsoft PI System nicely and they were able to meet our timelines.”
Andrew Cooper, P. ENG
Energy Specialist, New Afton Mine
New Gold

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